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Queen of the Streets – Synopsis

Julie, a 6-year-old girl, is found and brought to emergency, unidentified, hair shaven off, and clearly the victim of some sort of trauma. While doctors, psychologists, and social workers try to figure out who she is and what to do with her, she escapes and flees into the city. 

Panicked, she overhears some homeless men discussing a powerful new hallucinatory street drug, and through a grave misunderstanding, she ends up drinking the whole vile. While her mind and reality begin to morph and distort, she crashes into Kitty, Scuse, Rat Boy, and Frisko, a gang of streetkids not much older than Julie, running from the cops.

The streetkids befriend Julie, and they take her back to their pitiful squat. Julie inspires them to think bigger, and they start looking for primer real estate. She brings them a streak of luck, and their lives on the street become more and more fun and prosperous. Soon they have the best squat in town, have made some unique allies, and are living the dream for street kids outside the system. But one night after breaking into a hardcore punk show, they go a bit too far, and draw the police. Their squat is impounded, and they are all sent to juvenile detention.

Julie however is offered a rare opportunity; Nuala, the woman who originally found her and brought her to the hospital, has offered to adopt her via Social Services’ foster program. Julie accepts, and goes to live with Nuala. Julie learns what middle class life looks like, begins attending Grade 1 public school, and starts prescribed therapy sessions. She learns that Kitty was also adopted by a foster family, and appears to be doing well.

After a few weeks of cooperation, Julie is rewarded with a visit to her friends still in the juvenile detention centre. There, she learns from her friends and some inmates with key information that Kitty is in fact in danger, along with a bunch of other missing children.

Julie breaks her friends out of juvenile detention, and devises a misfit team and a plan to rescue Kitty and the kidnapped children.