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Julie and the Light – Synopsis

Julie, an 11-year-old feisty orphan street girl, has found a home in the punk/street/skateboard scene of inner-city life. She has no memory of her past before age 6, yet does not seem to care, and ignores it under a pretence of toughness and punk culture attitude. She is streetwise beyond her years, and won’t listen to anyone.

Yet one night after a run-in with the cops, Julie’s reality takes a mind-bending turn; she begins to believe she is the bearer of a magical ‘White Light’, and is plagued by visions of a hidden forest martial arts commune, and a magical ‘Red Energy’. Unable to ignore the increasing intensity of the visions, Julie sets out on a journey to find the truth, all the while evading doctors,  psychologists, and bleeding hearts who think she is a victim of delusions, as well as a half-mad cop who might just know something about her…

As she finds her way cross-country via bus, hitch-hiking, train, U-HAUL truck, skateboard, ferry, and bicycle, she begins to recall the special bond she once shared with her mother, and the mysterious death of her father. She recalls the fearsome leader of the commune, and how her birth sparked a new style of fighting that eventually caused a bloody mutiny within his walls.

Julie must decide for herself what is real and what is illusion and come face-to-face with her past in a climax where memory and reality come crashing together, and her deepest values are tested as she learns the fantastic truth about herself once and for all.